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With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for engine performance is also increasing. In order to meet this demand, a high-performance alloy powder called Inconel 718 has been widely used in the automotive industry. This material has become the preferred material for manufacturing critical components in automotive engines due to its excellent high-temperature resistance and mechanical properties.

Inconel 718 powder is a nickel-based high-temperature alloy powder with extremely high heat and oxidation resistance. In car engines, the turbine and exhaust system are vital components that require long-term stable operation in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. The application of Inconel 718 powder enables these components to resist high-temperature oxidation and corrosion better, thereby improving the efficiency of the engine.


(Inconel 718 powder)


Inconel 718 powder is a high-performance alloy powder composed of various elements such as nickel, chromium, iron, cobalt, molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, etc. It has excellent high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and fatigue resistance and is therefore widely used in aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear industry, and other fields.

The characteristics of Inconel 718 powder include:

  1. High-temperature strength: Inconel 718 powder still has good strength and rigidity in high-temperature environments and can withstand high loads and pressures at high temperatures.
  2. Corrosion resistance: Inconel 718 powder has outstanding corrosion resistance and can withstand the etch of various chemical media such as acids, alkalis, and salts.
  3. Antioxidant properties: Inconel 718 powder has excellent antioxidant properties and can maintain tissue stability in high-temperature environments.
  4. Anti-fatigue performance: Inconel 718 powder has excellent anti-fatigue performance, which can maintain its strength and rigidity under cyclic loads.
  5. Good processing performance: Inconel 718 powder is easy to process and manufacture and can be used to make various components through casting, welding, mechanical processing, and other methods.
(Inconel 718 powder)

The applications of Inconel 718 powder include:

  1. Aerospace field: Due to its excellent high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance, Inconel 718 powder is widely used in the fabrication of aircraft engines and spacecraft components, such as combustion chambers, turbine blades, bladed discs, and gas turbines.
  2. Petrochemical industry: Inconel 718 powder is used to manufacture various high-temperature and high-pressure equipment in the petrochemical industry, such as reactors, distillation towers, heating furnaces, and heat exchangers.
  3. Nuclear industry: Inconel 718 powder is used to manufacture various components in nuclear reactors, such as fuel elements, control rods, reactor pressure shells, etc.
(Inconel 718 powder)


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